No matter what your project needs, we have the printing and production services to create a captivating final product. Our state-of-the-art printing presses are capable of handling jobs of all sizes, from very small runs to large volume run.

Offset Press: Maximum production of plastic cards are produced in 4 Color Sheet Offset Press. The sheets of PVC are printed with Offset Press and are sent for gloss lamination process with tons of pressure & heat. The sheets are than sent to high speed, die cutting machines to produce very good quality cards. This type of printing is most efficient and economical when printing 10,000 and above quantity. The lead supply time for the entire offset printed card is 2-4 weeks.

Digital Press: For short run projects we use 4 Color Digital Press. The process is quick & gives high resolution graphic cards in shortest possible time. The sheets are printed digitally and are sent for gloss lamination process with pressure & heat. The sheets are than sent to high speed die cutting machines to produce quality cards in short time of minimum 24-48 Hours.

Single Card 5 Color Offset Press: One of its kind in MENA region. This 5 color offset press is specialized to print on ECO Friendly cards including Wooden Key Cards. This high speed monster machine is able to churn out cards 150,000 cards per day.

Screen Printing: Common applications include dense ink coverage, metallic inks and unique pearlescent inks, plus specialized inks such as glow-in-the-dark and more. Our more striking cards combine layers of silkscreen ink with lithographic printing and foils to create unmatched visual

Prime Source has extensive in-house personalization capabilities and many years of experience in providing large quantities of personalized products.

In addition to the digital press that can print variable data in-line, we have one high-speed personalization machine capable of personalizing cards with names; encoding magnetic stripes on both sides of a card; adding bar codes, serial numbers and other types of variable print; laying scratch-off strips and labels; and adhering cards to carriers.

Prime Source has tracking systems and software based on what provides the most robust capabilities for our staff and the most convenience for our clients. Client Relationships are managed through Pipeline Deals, whose cloud based solutions allow for a customized experience for and interaction among our customer service team.