Speciality Print

Prime Source is your hospitality speciality printer. We move hand in your hand with your marketing department, if you have one or customise your branding as per your brand if you lack marketing department.

Card folders provide an easy way to hold credit-card sized items such as gift cards, room keys or even business cards. Both vertical and horizontal alignments are available, with either pockets or tabs inside to hold the card in place.

Your hotel offers its guests not only comfortable accommodation but pleasant stay. It is important you use good design key cards along with perfect design of key card holder. The hotel room key card holder design shows off much to the guest of style your hotel offers which impact directly on guest memory. It turns out to be great marketing tool for hotel as most of the guest tend to take away this piece of paper as souvenir.

The interior is custom printed with a map of the city so that guests can find their way back to the hotel if they are lost. The rounded pocket provides an area for the hotel staff to write down the guest’s name and their room number in case the card key is misplaced or the guest forgets where they are staying.

Prime Source has perfect team to design & print these small paper card holders. Send email to us for producing these colourful giveaways.


Prime Source Methods: Choose from four color process printing, offset PMS printing, foil stamping or embossing

Stock Options: 50 layouts & sizes to choose from

Foil Stamp Colours: 24 hues to choose from

Coating Options: Aqueous, lamination, ultraviolet (UV)


Select either portait or landscape alignment, depending on the orientation of the card inside.

Folders that contain pockets can be used to store more than just a card. Use card folders to distribute samples, marketing media and other small-sized collateral.

Choose aqueous coating for a unique texture. Aqueous comes in sleek glossy coating, smooth matte coating, velvety satin coating and suede-like soft-touch coating.

Ultraviolet (UV) coating offers the brightest colours and the shiniest surface, but the least amount of protection.

For long lasting folders you can reuse over and over again, choose laminate coating which prevents wearing, tearing and staining.