Print Centre

We offer various print solutions on different media. Our dedicated design and production team is capable to assist clients with document design customization and data processing & printing.

Dynamic Printing Solutions

We offer effective and efficient dynamic data printing at high speeds. Be it statement of accounts, letters, advices or any other document with variable data, Prime Source, offers a seamless and error free technology for printing large volumes of documents and mails. We also offer our clients the option of printing in highlight / color or simplex/duplex depending on the requirements.

Inserting Solutions

Our Inserting area offers automatic secured enveloping with intelligent inserts. This includes automated enveloping of documents with additional inserts such as marketing flyers, brochures, information booklets, application forms and so on. A maximum of 6 inserts can be accommodated alongside the primary document for fulfillment.

Mailing Solutions

Prime Source, is able to effectively and economically deliver the envelope packages to its destination directly. Clients are in a position to utilize the distribution network for delivery of their packages without the hassle of doing it themselves or dealing with third parties for delivery.
End to End solutions

Just provide us with the data through the secured channel and rest assured the finished package will be delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep. The tedious and labor intensive processes of managing preprinted stationery, document design customization, dynamic data printing, insertions and fulfillment, quality checks and mailing the documents are all taken care of by us!