We only accept certain file formats. These designs should be high resolution & printable.

Artwork: When possible, artwork should be submitted on CD-rom, by E-Mail, or by FTP. Artwork must be in electronic form for editing and adjustment purposes.

File Format:We accept artwork created in most industry-standard software applications, including the current versions of Adbobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator EPS, Adobe Photoshop EPS & PDF High Resolution. Please do not submit Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point or Publisher files. Please make sure files include bleed and a directional arrow. If you have questions call us.

Colour Formats: Files will accepted in CMYK and Pantone colours only. Files in RGB will not be accepted. Pantone colours ensure your artwork files specify the exact pantone colour names within the file. All pantones must also be included on your order form

Images: Photographs must be a minimum of 300 DPI (resolution) at 100%. Photos that are imported into other applications and are enlarged, the resolution should be higher.

Fonts: All fonts used in the file must be supplied if outlines have not been created, including screen & printer fonts. Fonts must be supplied in True Type Format (windows) or Post Script (windows).

Gradients & Vignettes: Ensure gradients created in illustrator are set at 2400 DPI in attributes and document setup. To prevent banding it is best to create gradients in Photoshop.

Logos: Any Logo included in the file must be supplied as vector drawn images, not bitmap or raster. This ensures the image remains crisp and clear, Alternatively, whilst not preferred a high quality logo can be used. If you are unable to supply a suitable logo, we are able to do this for you from supplied artwork at an extra charge.

Artwork Retention: Electronic files are retained on CD-rom for reorder purposes.